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Faith in Action for Animals

   Do you ever feel alone in your compassion for animals? Are you part of a church or faith community and wonder what God says about our responsibility to care for them? Do you wonder why, even though animals are mentioned many times in scripture, the way humans treat animals doesn't seem to come up in church? Want to be part of a community working to change that? 

​Join our Meet-Up group!! We will meet the 2nd Thursday of every month @ Grace Church Noblesville!

​5504 E. 146th, Noblesville, IN 


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Join us for an awareness seminar/discussion

Help with one of our projects

Get involved with an awesome organization helping animals

Reduce meat consumption or go vegan

Bring awareness of God's concern for his animals to your place of worship

Let us know of an event or project to help animals

Use your money, your vote and your voice to speak out against abuse and cruelty



Location: Central  Indiana

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How you can help

​​Are you interested in getting your church involved caring for God's animals? We can help! We would love to come speak to your church, group or organization!!

  Just fill out the contact form below and let us know!!

   Change is made through learning, caring and doing. The Peaceable Kingdom Project supports organizations already doing wonderful things to help God's animals. Our support includes helping animals directly, cleaning and repairing shelters, providing pet food for those  needing help and advocating on behalf of animals. 

      We want to connect with others who desire to create a new, better reality for animals.  Together we can learn more about the ways they are suffering and that we can make a  difference for ALL creatures great and small. 

   Submitting the contact form below will get you on our mailing list so you will be  notified of projects, events and learning opportunities.