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SARX - Christian Animal Welfare

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What is "The Peaceable Kingdom Project"?

       Change is made through learning, caring and doing. 

   The Peaceable Kingdom Project supports organizations already doing wonderful things to help God's animals. Our support includes helping animals directly, cleaning and repairing shelters, providing pet food for those needing help and advocating on behalf of animals. 

The Mission

​​ Peaceable Kingdom Project


Founded: 2014

Director: Cheryl Yoder


Central Indiana

  God created everything and because it is his all creation is magnificent                                                          

  God created every living thing on the earth and gave mankind "dominion" over the animals- commanding us to care for them. This dominion is simply the opportunity to love God concretely by protecting and nurturing our fellow creatures.  Animals live at the mercy of people, we can treat them as we please without fear of repercussion. 

  The Peaceable Kingdom Project is a ministry that is focused on uniting followers of Jesus who are compelled to speak up for His animals and work with organizations actively engaged in their welfare. We build relationships with people and faith communities working to protect animals while promoting the faith values that call upon us to act with compassion towards all creatures. Our prayer is that God would change the hearts of his people - that they would see a "who" not a "what" when they look at an animal. 


 If God's dominion is love why should humanity's dominion be torture, abuse and killing?




                         Educate / Equip / Engage


    We want to be the voice of God's animals and create a movement of Christ followers who are  committed to ending the suffering and cruelty inflicted upon them.


     Study what scripture tells us about our command to care for animals        

     Raise awareness of the ways animals are being exploited and abused 


      Understand the power we have to change things       

      Give practical,concrete ways to help with our hands, our voices and our wallets 


​      Get involved in projects and with organizations helping to end animal suffering 

      Engage our churches and communities in the quest to create a loving dominion

Awesome Organizations


Hamilton County  Humane Society                       

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control                       

FIDO - helps dogs chained outside                                 www.fidoindy,org

Indy Feral - helps outdoor cats                              

Indiana Animal Rights Alliance                                

Indianapolis Humane Society                                 

Uplands Peak Farm Sanctuary                       

Kanda Farm Sanctuary                                         

Animal Protection League (Anderson)                   

Erin's Farm                                                                 

US and International

Humane Society of the US                                         

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine    

Farm Sanctuary                                                            

Best Friends Animal Society                                      

Leaping Bunny                                                                

World Wildlife Fund                                                 

Free From Harm                                                        

Compassion Works International                           

Mercy For Animals                                                    

Evolve Campaigns                                                

A Well Fed World                                                      

Stop Animal Exploitation Now